A milestone moment for the 1957 Lancia Aurelia B20S, Ser.VI restoration project

Today we reached a long-awaited milestone in the progress of the 1957 Lancia Aurelia B20S, Ser. VI restoration project. Having completed basic electric wiring, not without excessive delays, the engine was ready to be started after its complete overhaul. The Master of Ceremonies was none other than our chief mechanic, Makis Efthymiou. Without further ado, here is the short video clip of the start-up procedure. The loud engine noise is due to the exhaust piping system not being as yet connected. Another positive observation is that there is practically no engine vibration. To boot she is an easy starter! A very good indicator to proper assembly of the engine.

Next phase: pre-painting the car and then onwards to the upholsterer. The end of the project is near!

Jay Leno explains about hs choice of Dynamat heat & noise insulation material for all his restoration projects!

Jay Leno explains about his choice of Dynamat heat & noise insulation material for all his restoration projects!

Feb 12 2015 update: At the Upholsterer: I was watching a restoration project from Jay Leno’s Garage, where Jay says “From now on we use Dynamat insulation material in all our projects”. It was enough for me to start Googling. Luckilly a dealer in Greece was located, contacted and the correct material Dynaliner was selected for our project! See more in the Gallery. For more: www.dynamat.com

Some photos from the status of the car as of today; clicking on any picture the viewer opens in larger format:


Fast Forward to March 2016

After a three year period, this challenging project was finished with a stunning result in all respects: bodywork, paint job, mechanicals, upholstery, detailing at Swell.gr etc. Few pictures speak by themselves:


The finished Lancia B20S project after a 3 years of laboring and agonizing over thousand details!


Immaculate details in all respects 👌👍😎



End of the story “Summa Cum Laude” 👍👏👌‼️🏁

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