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Byron’s Blog

Here in this Blog and its Pages I wish to share with friends and family my interests, causes, hobbies, activities, travels, family history, good or bad times and whatever else I consider worth sharing.

My belief on individual life and wellness is simple: We modern humans must first cultivate ourselves. Manage to be at peace and in confidence with our selves. To be able to wisely carry our own personal Jesus within us daily. Only then we can be tranquil enough to apply balanced reason, filter our complex world with strength and maintain the esoteric stamina needed to cope with all the major or minor challenges each one of us faces daily (i.e. carrying deftly our own cross), regardless of color, nationality, religious beliefs, age etc.

Only then I postulate, we become enabled to push our “periscope-up”, keep observing carefully our cosmos, with 360 degrees vision and “a half-full glass attitude”; we ought to listen, smell, focus, sense, analyze and always attempt to make rational and if possible, compassionate and “fore-thinking” judgments and decisions. The key to a happy life, it seems, is all about the good life, a life with sustained and gratifying relationships, challenging work and connections to community. We can all be happy! 🙂

Then perhaps we can raise our collective standards and by the same token elect better, similar thinking , honest and adeptly acting politicians, worthy of our precious votes.

I’m a D.D. aka Dreamer-Doer!  Its an idea that has been going around for some years. What this Facebook Group aims to do is to bring closer talented people of this category, and let them express their ideas and plans of doing things either for themselves or for the broader public good. It is a closed Group, but feel free to add your friends whom you consider as ‘D.D.’s’

Whoever wishes to contact me please leave a reply or comment below and I will get back to you soon.

A short biography of mine in Greek and in English:

Here is to ALL my Friends and Family and to whoever is interested visiting these pages!
Here is to ALL my Friends and Family and to whoever might be interested visiting these pages!

Ο Βύρων γεννήθηκε στην Αθήνα το 1950. Σπούδασε Οικονομικά και Ιστορία της Τέχνης (B.A.) στο Lake Forest College του Illinois στις Η.Π.Α.. Κατά την διάρκεια της στρατιωτικής του θητείας ήταν Σημαιοφόρος (Ο) του Πολεμικού Ναυτικού και υπηρέτησε ως ο Αξιωματικός Σύνδεσμος μεταξύ του Π. Ν. και του Αμερικανικού Ναυτικού στην υπηρεσία Joint United States Military Aid Group/Greece-JUSMAG/G.

Η επαγγελματική του πορεία ξεκίνησε το 1975 με την θέση του Βοηθού Γενικού Διευθυντή στην Ελληνική Βιομηχανική Ε.Π.Ε., για να καταλήξει μέχρι τον Οκτ. 2009 στην θέση του Προέδρου και Διευθύνοντα Συμβούλου της εταιρείας Datalex Α.Ε. Συστήματα Πληροφορικής και Βιομηχανικού Αυτοματισμού. Μετά την πώληση της εταιρείας του, αφιερώνει χρόνο σε ένα από τα ενδιαφέροντα του, τα παλαιά αυτοκίνητα, υπηρετώντας στα Διοικητικά Συμβούλια της ΦΙΛΠΑ και της Ελληνικής Ομοσπονδίας ΦΙΛΠΑ. Πρόσφατα (Δεκ. 2014), ίδρυσε το Classic Car Center of Greece –

Άλλο ενδιαφέρον του αφορά τις καταδύσεις. Ο Βύρων άρχισε να ασχολείται με την κατάδυση το 1979 όποτε και πιστοποιήθηκε από τον γνωστό Γερμανικό καταδυτικό οργανισμό Barakuda, διετέλεσε επίσης μέλος της πρωτοπόρου ομάδας του Πέτρου Νικολαΐδη που καταδύθηκε στο ιστορικό ναυάγιο του τροχοκίνητου ατμόπλοιου “Α/Π ΠΑΤΡΙΣ” το οποίο βυθίστηκε το 1868 στα δυτικά της Κέας. Ο Βύρων διετέλεσε Αντιπρόεδρος του Ναυτικού Αθλητικού Ομίλου Κέας (ΝΑΟΚ), μέλος της Ομάδας του Kea Dive Expedition και του S/S Burdigala Project 2009. Είναι τακτικό μέλος του Συλλόγου Ερασιτεχνών Αυτοδυτών ΤΗΘΥΣ.

Εκτός από τα κλασικά αυτοκίνητα και μοτοσυκλέτες, άλλα ενδιαφέροντα περιλαμβάνουν οτιδήποτε θαλασσινό (σκάφη, ιστιοπλοΐα και σκι θαλάσσης), φωτογράφηση (επίγεια και υποβρύχια), φιλοσοφία, διάβασμα και ταξίδια.

Στο κοινωνικό τομέα τον ενδιαφέρουν ο εθελοντισμός σε συνάρτηση με θέματα προστασίας του περιβάλλοντος και της πολιτιστικής μας κληρονομιάς, τα Blogs, η κοινωνική δικτύωση & τα διαδικτυακά Forum. Θα τον βρείτε και στο αλλά και στο

Μέλος της Ελληνικής Εταιρείας Περιβάλλοντος & Πολιτισμού, της ΦΙΛΠΑ (μέλος του Δ.Σ. Φεβρουάριος 2011-2013 ), του Συλλόγου Φίλων Κέας (μέλος του Δ.Σ. από τον Ιανουάριο 2010 & Πρόεδρος από τον Μάρτιο 2014) και της ΜΚΟ “ΤΟ ΔΙΑΖΩΜΑ“. Θιασώτης του Οργανισμού, μιας μικρής οργάνωσης που διαχέει αξιόλογες ιδέες από όλο τον κόσμο. Επίσης διοργανώνεται και στην Αθήνα, με το όνομα TEDx Athens. Διετέλεσε επίσης μέλος του Δ.Σ. της εταιρείας συμβούλων European Profiles A.E.

Τον Νοέμβριο του 2014 συν-ιδρύει το Classic Car Center of

Τον Μαϊο του 2018 γίνεται Μέλος του Συλλόγου Ιδιοκτητών Σπορ Αυτοκινήτων-Σ.Ι.Σ.Α. και αναλαμβάνει την θέση του “Υπευθύνου Δημοσιότητας”. Ασπάζεται το Όραμα Επαν-Εκκίνησης από την Αθήνα του Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique-RMCH for 2019.

Με το ξεκίνημα του 2016 ηγείται ως Πρόεδρος της Οργανωτικής  Ομάδας μεταξύ φίλων και συνεργατών που ανέλαβαν την επιτυχή διοργάνωση του διεθνούς Συνεδρίου για την εκατονταετηρίδα από την βύθιση τον Νοέμβριο του 1916 των υπερωκεανίων S/S BURDIGALA & HMHS BRITANNIC.   Το Συνέδριο διεξήχθη στη νησί της Κέας από τις 29 Σεπτ. έως την 1η Οκτ. Πλοηγηθείτε στο Blog: 100 Years Kea


Byron saluting at -50 m. the one remaining SS PATRIS paddlewheel
Byron saluting at -50 m. the one remaining paddle-wheel of S/S PATRIS (ca.1865).

Byron was born in Athens 1950. He studied Economics and History of Art (B.A.) at Lake Forest College, Illinois, U.S.A. During his Hellenic Navy service, was an Ensign (S) reserve officer and held the post of Liaison Officer between the H.N. and the United States Navy at the Joint United States Military Aid Group/Greece-JUSMAG/G post.

His professional career began in 1975 with the position of Assistant General Manager of Hellenic Industrial Ltd., while until Oct 2099 was the President & CEO of Datalex S.A. (a company specializing in Auto Id Information Technology Systems and Industrial Automation). After his company was sold, he devotes most of his time and involvement in his hobby of old cars, serving as a member in the Board of Directors of PHILPA (The Antique Car Club of Greece) and FILPA Federation.  Recently he also established the Classic Car Center of

Another interest since early on is diving. Byron started diving in 1979 when he was also certified by the acknowledged German Diving Association, Barakuda. He was also a member of Peter Nicolaides’ team that organized dives to the historic wreck of “S/S PATRIS” a paddle wheeler steamship, which sank in 1868 out of the west coast of Kea island. Byron served as Vice-President of the Nautical Athletic Club of Kea (NAOK), was a member of the Kea Dive Expedition 2008, & the S/S Burdigala Project 2009, and member of the Club of Amateur Divers TETHYS.

Aside from classic cars and motorcycles, other interests include anything about the sea (old & new boats, sailing and water skiing, shipwreck diving etc.), photography (land and under water), philosophy, reading and traveling.

In the social domain I am interested in volunteerism related to environmental and cultural preservation actions, Blogging, social networking and net forums. I am present in Facebook at: and at

Member of The Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Environment and the Cultural Heritage, The Friends of Kea Society (member of the Board of Directors since Jan 2010 and President since March 2014), and The Antique Car Club of Greece (member of the Board of Directors from Feb. 2011 to Feb. 2014), also member of the Board of the Hellenic Federation of Antique Cars & Motorcycles of Greece-FILPA Federation, from June 2013 to June 2015.  Member of the NGO “DIAZOMA” which seeks to take Greek ancient theaters, these birthplaces of democratic principles and cultural and intellectual creativity, under its wing. Fan and member of a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Recently TED events are being organized in Athens under the name TEDx Athens. He also has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the consulting company European Profiles S.A.

In November of 2014 he co-founds the Classic Car Center of

In May of 2018 he becomes Member of the Owners of Sport Cars Club of Greece-Σ.Ι.Σ.Α. and is appointed as Publicity Officer of the Club. He adopts the Dream of Re-Starting the  Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique-RMCH for 2019 from Athens after 44 years!

During 2016 he heads as President a Team of friends who organized a successful commemorative Centennial conference [held during Sept. 29th to Oct 1st 2016 in Kea Island, Cyclades, Greece] about the sinking of S/S BURDIGALA & HMHS BRITANNIC [in English]. Visit the Blog here: 100 Years Kea

Καταδυτική Εκπαίδευση · Dive Education

Nitrox Diver (IANTD)

ΚΑΡΠΑ / CPR (Ελληνικός Ερυθρός Σταυρός / Red Cross of Greece)

O2 Provider (DAN)

10 thoughts on “Byron’s Blog Leave a comment

    • Hi Colin,
      Seems to me pretty amazing to “re-unite” with GPH662C after so many years!
      Could you please furnish some more details?
      I have quite a bit of stories as to how I purchased, repaired, rode from London to Athens, then shipped the bike to the US, reconditioned and sold it for a small profit.
      Best wishes fm Athens, Greece.


  1. Hi, I bought GPH662C in, I think, 1969 (it is/was a 1965 T120) from a dealer in South London (probably Brixton somewhere as there were a lot of dealers there at the time) for about £220 – it was very original and low mileage -about 6K. I fitted the front brake cooling rings which were all the rage at the time, crash bars,higher rise handlebars and an oil pressure guage (which I took off and still have!). I also resprayed the petrol tank top half (blue) in a shade of blue very close to the original. I was also given some Craven panniers so I drove the bike to the Craven works in London and they fitted the back rack and the fittings for the panniers. It had 2 small prangs when I had it and gained a later rippled seat. I used it for holidays in the UK and commuting to work/pleasure and sold it in, I think 1971/2 – I don’t remember exactly when but I do remember that the 2 guys bought it who turned up in a car and bought it basically unseen – one said ‘I’ll buy it’ when they drove past it as I was standing next to it in the road (Barnet, north London). It was an unmolested standard bike pretty well. I have quite a good picture of GPH662C just before it was sold – I do not have a record of the frame/engine number (apart from remembering is was DUxxxxx but it may well have survived in the US – Colin


    • WOW!
      Most probably the two guys were me and my friend Yorgo. Do you recall the compression test?
      Is it a one in a million coincidence that I bought this Triumph from you?

      Internet never ceases to amaze me. What a nice present you had in store for me Colin. In case u can dig up some pictures do send them.

      Have a great New Year.


  2. hello Byron, I am thinking of buying an as yet unseen VW CAMPERVAN which is in Athens Greece. I would like to take this vehicle to a specialist VW workshop for a thorough inspection ,both mechanical , body and the campervan fitout. I would appreciate your help in locating the right one. Best regards , george toskas .


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