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The end of the year 2017

As the Year 2017 is coming to its glorious end with Christmas and New Year Eve celebrations fast approaching, it’s fun to share some highlights of our year and offer our Season’s Greetings to our family & friends. 🎄🍾🎁🥗❤️

Aside from good times, the highlight being the wedding 👰 🎩  of our son Dimitris to his beautiful bride Eirini,

this year had some nasty medical issues in store for us; for me suffering from a degenerating meniscus on the left knee and for my beloved, having an accidental fall in late August in Kea island, resulting to a broken hip bone. We are still recuperating from these ailments 😉

Enjoy our album😀😎

All the best wishes for our friends and family 😍


Closing the year 2016

Visitors and followers of my personal Blog may wonder as to why I have not been posting more often during this year. A fair question which has a simple answer. Because I have been busy posting on my other purpose oriented presence. Namely the Friends of Kea Society-SFK [in Greek] to which I serve as President, the Classic Car Center of Greece-3cg to which I am a co-founder and the subject which consumed most of my time and effort during this year, about the organization of  a three day commemorative event in Kea Island, Cyclades, Greece during the weekend  of Friday 30th September to  Sunday 2nd October 2016, celebrating the 100 Years from the Sinking’s of S/S BURDIGALA & HMHS BRITANNIC”, for which I describe my role as Chief Inspiration Officer.

To boot, all of the above activities plus few more, were supported by heavy and almost daily promotional and content posting, primarily in Facebook as for example [SFK, 3cg , 100 Years Kea Shipwrecks, Faneromeni, Classic-Car, KEA, Car Friends Close Group, WOLO, etc.].

So it has been a very busy year and rewarding too. Instead of rambling on, I think is best to include few videos about some of these activities.

I. About the 100 Years Kea Shipwrecks

II. About the Friends of Kea Society

III. About the Classic Cars

Hence, My Best wishes for the New Year 2017 to all my friends, relatives, supporters and followers!


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Happy New Year to all & Happy blogging 🙂

Source: See the #fireworks I created by blogging on #WordPressDotCom. My 2015 annual report.

Happy New Year '16 to all my friends & readers :) Happy New Year to all my friends & readers 🙂