Holiday Wishes 2014/2015 🎄

The end of the year is fast closing upon us all. For many it is a time of reflection as to how the old year had rolled, or for others perhaps more meaningful reflections and/or vows would involve the new coming year 2015. Either/or, it is certainly a period to spend happy and warm time with family, friends and beloved ones.

So here are my personalized wishes for all the family, friends, beloved ones and readers who may stumble upon these pages!

Dodge lovers or not, I love the model (like my dad had during the family GE days); I suspect that not many can say NO to a truck load of presents? 🙂
Another period picture, the delivery man bringing the presents home!
At the close of the year I also celebrate the creation of our new Garage+ space. See here
Being a pre-war Ford Model A owner, I could not resist yet another truckload of X-mas presents, could you? 🙂
Since it is now early December, many folks are rushing to select their Christmas trees; not many though with their Fiat 500’s in a blizzard, but… 😉

Have a great Holiday period everybody!


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