It’s the 12th month of the odd year 2021 Stupid! Plus my story about the Barcode business

As of this week we have entered the last month of the odd Year 2021 Stupid! Hence I feel the need to make some comments about the past and the New Year 2022 dawning on us all on this threatened Blue Planet As for example: A famous slogan is made and

On the second subject, my story about the Barcode business, it’s a personal account of my 25+ years into this exciting field and the famiglia which was built there of, both in the domestic as well as the Italian and International fields.

First a quick review (from a personal standpoint) of the odd Year 2021.

Το γυρνάω στα Ελληνικά (όπου έντονα και υπογραμμισμένα είναι τα κύρια συμπτώματα μου), [foreign readers can use the translation feature]. Οι κοντινοί μου φίλοι και οικογένεια γνωρίζουν ότι έχω διαγνωστεί εδώ και περίπου 4 χρόνια με την Νόσο του Πάρκινσον [Parkinsons Disease] Η δίκη μου περίπτωση δεν παρουσιάζει Τρόμο (=τρέμουλο) αλλά σχεδόν όλες τις άλλες παθήσεις όπως περιγράφονται στην ιστοσελίδα της Ανάπλασης.

Η Νόσος Parkinson είναι μια χρόνια εκφυλιστική νόσος του Κεντρικού μας Νευρολογικού Συστήματος-ΚΝΣ. Κάθε χρόνο 1 στα 500 άτομα είναι ασθενείς με Νόσο Parkinson. H νόσος επηρεάζει πιο πολύ άνδρες από γυναίκες και η συμπτωματολογία της ξεκινά συνήθως σε ηλικία μεγαλύτερη των 50 ετών.

Η νόσος χαρακτηρίζεται από την απώλεια των ντοπαμινεργικών νευρώνων της μέλαινας ουσίας του εγκεφάλου. Αυτό έχει ως αποτέλεσμα την μείωση της ντοπαμίνης στον εγκέφαλο, ενός νευροδιαβιβαστή που σχετίζεται με τη ρύθμιση της κίνησης του σώματος.

Η νόσος χαρακτηρίζεται από 3 βασικά συμπτώματα:

  • Δυσκαμψίαa
  • Βραδυκινησία
  • Τρόμος ηρεμίας
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A new classic joins the stable in my Garage: meet the 1969 MG MGB

The MG Keys of pleasure
The MG Keys of pleasure

My spouse asks with a certain mode of temper: another classic-car? As big boys know well, spouses often cannot appreciate our investment decisions nor that we are stricken by the now famous verse of “Car Collecting, a disease for which modern man has no cure”. So when a good friend brought few days ago his 1969 MGB Roadster Mk II in true British Racing Green livery at the for storage and with an accompanying ‘FOR SALE’ tag, I was prompted to take a closer look. We raised the car on the lift and thoroughly inspected the undercarriage, mechanicals, body condition etc. The verdict was positive with few minor and cosmetic ‘to do list’ items which will need attention in order to bring the car up to a top cruising condition. Because this is the main role of this particular car. To be driven as much as possible and to be enjoyed. Hence the car is now registered with regular license plates and insurance coverage for daily use.

Lambis' MGB here at the Voula Nautical Club.
Lambis’ MGB parked at the Voula Nautical Club ca. 1966. Here with my lady friends Rene Pongi and Evi Galazidis 🙂

The MGB is featured in a British Post stamp!
The MGB is featured in a British Post stamp!

My personal memories of MGB’s go back to my teen-age years when in the mid 60’s an Olympic Airways pilot, Lambis Costides had owned a light blue MGB Mk. I. (For my Greek readers, another account of Lambis can be found here ).

With the motto 'Safety Fast' a period MGB advert.
With the motto ‘Safety Fast’ a period MGB advert.

He had fitted a pair of spot lights and inside the cockpit an aircraft switch with telltale amber light, activated them; I was very impressed. Another admiring memory was when Lambis drove us quite fast down Syngrou Avenue during a hot summer night, hearing the distinct roar of the exhaust and experiencing the thrill of wind noises which only sporty roadsters can offer.

MGB's were and still are raced extensively. Here with Paddy Hopkirk.
MGB’s were and still are raced extensively. Here with Paddy Hopkirk.

The MG initials stand for 'Morris Garage'. I interpret the initials as "Many Goodtimes". :)
The MG initials stand for ‘Morris Garages’. I interpret the initials as “Many Goodtimes”. 🙂

All these memories came back to me when I first saw the BRG [aka Byron Riginos Green 😉 ] car. I warmed up on the idea of owning an affordable classic roadster, not having to spend a fortune to bring her up to my spec’s and setting a goal to use her as much as possible for my short commutes from home in Kifissia to my man-cave in New Ionia. Other aficionados tell me that MGB’s are great Historic Vehicles for entering into Regularity Rallies, a sport that we do several times through each year. To boot, classic car prices are on the rise, and this example, Chassis No: GHN4L163339G, Engine No: MG 18GGWEH897 was an original Greek import car, first licensed in 1969. She also carries a “Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens” (FIVA) Identity Card with A/3 classification. What all these mean is that she is a highly original car which always lived in dry, sunny, no salty Greek roads and that she bears regular license plates; hence she can be used freely on the roads without the restrictions imposed on H.V. licensed cars. Enough reasons to go ahead right? Ipso-facto a friendly deal was negotiated and the car came into our family on 15th January 2015.

The 1968/69 MG MGB is silhouetted in front of the building which houses the and the Classic Car Center of

Also pleasant is to know (according to the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certificate), that this example was first dispatched from the factory to Greece on 7th February 1969 and that she is ‘a matching numbers’ car!

The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust, tells the true provenance of this MGB example.
The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust, tells the true provenance of this MGB example.

For those who would like to get a glimpse live of a similar BRG “B”, here is a short video:

A picture Gallery of the ‘new’ car follows; upon clicking on any picture, the viewer opens in larger format.

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