1995 Mercedes-Benz E200CA | W124.060W124.060


Vehicle data. Make: Mercedes-Benz Model: E-Class Model name: E 200 SeriesA 124 Year of manufacture: 1997 Chassis number: WDB1240601C277465 Gearbox number: 717413 06 854344
Report: In a very good condition overal.| Condition category: Recreation | Mileage (read) 170,500 km | Previous owners: 4 |First registration: 09/1997|Engine number: 111940 10 067222 Technical details: Body style:Convertible|Body detail: Convertible |Power (kw/hp)100/136 |Cubic capacity (ccm)1,998 |Cylinders: 4 |Doors:2 |Steering: Left (LHD) | Transmission: Manual|Gears: 5|Drive: Rear|Front Brake:Disc|Rear Brake: Disc|Fuel:Petrol >Inquire for more details

The Last Vin document reveals quite a bit of the vehicle’s provenance, options & more …

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz_W124#History |
https://ranwhenparked.net/2014/12/22/30-years-ago-mercedes-benz-introduces-the-w124/ |
You can view my shared album on the web: 1997 Mercedes-Benz W124.060 E200 Cabriolet | YXT-1313: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B135fk75vpVQ0w;B03F6175-3275-4B9F-9334-1D20206D6D89

1995 MERCEDES-BENZ E200CA | W124.060, is a unique cabriolet car in excellent condition with all certificates and documents. Color Blue Metallic (366U) and Leather Seats Beige (265) as new. Special Sport-line package with Sport Suspension Original (3cm Lower than the simple E200), and with the Sophisticated ASD-AUTOMATIC LIMITED SLIP DIFFERENTIAL (211), rims 17” with 8-Hole Light Alloys (652), a digital external temperature display (240), with automatic bizonal air conditioning (581). Fully electrically opened roof – has the authentic Dark Blue 5010 Soft Top Fabric (744), without the slightest defect. Heated back glass with glazed window (593) Driver / Passenger Airbags (291), 4 Power Windows, Electric Mirrors, Automatic Antenna (538) With 2 additional loudspeakers in the back (812), Automatic Locking with Infrared Remote Control and Immobilizer (885) plus Antitheft / Anti Break-in System (551). Leather Steering Wheel & shift knob, and 5-API manual transmission (280), Storage Place (300), Steering Wheel Electrically Adjustable (441), Folding armrest (570), Extra Goodies: Installation of Parktonic in the Back bumper, plus the well known “Bury System” of Bluetooth mobile phone Car Kit.
In excellent condition, three past owners, full service history, always guarded in a closed garage. – Recently extended control – maintenance of the car in all systems such as: brakes, transmission, hydraulic hood, fuel supply and cooling circuit. Impeccable operation of all car systems – wooden lining without cracks and scratches – leather interior remains in excellent condition – electric seats and head restraints – lazy and glove compartment under with lock – driver and front passenger seat belt brings them forward for ease of fastening.

Background The E200CA cabriolet was based on the W124 model and as such benefits from all the accolades attributed to the base saloon. Mercedes developed the first E-Class over many years and at a huge cost from 1976, debuting the car in 1984 in a bid to dominate the market. The W124 was an extraordinarily well-designed and built car and came equipped with lots of market leading equipment and technology as well as being luxurious, functional and immensely reliable.

The W124 was the epitome of an ‘understatement’ with sophisticated chassis engineering, class leading aerodynamics, and record setting safety features. The design of the car was meant to last as long as the rest of the vehicle and when the last examples came off the production line, they fitted the rest of the automotive design landscape at the time. It’s no wonder these cars have developed a huge following of admiring enthusiasts, it really was a car to do it all. The model was also expanded to incorporate an estate, coupe, and convertible to capitalise on the market of people who wanted a luxurious, comfortable, good-looking car that would be as functional and adaptable as it was reliable – convertible elegance with the underpinnings of the ‘Berlin Taxi’.

The Vehicle
With 3 previous owners, the one before the current owner has had this E200 Cabriolet for 6 years. It was first registered on the 1st of August 1996 and has since only covered a total of 176,500 miles throughout its 4 owners. So, a low mileage, low owner car for its 25 years of on road service, this Mercedes Benz, it’s clear to see, has been looked after by its custodians. It is also now being sold, hence buying with confidence.
The current owner has used the car regularly but sparingly for local trips, hence the low mileage. A house garage move means that the car has nowhere to be parked and therefore must be moved on.
An honest example of the fast appreciating W124.060 E200 Class with the Sport-Line edition: [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz_W124?wprov=sfti1 ] manual and ultra smooth 5-gear manual transmission, a numbers matching classic, with pristine roof and original set of wheels.
The interior is fitted with an original Backer Mexico radio /cassette player, to which a high quality [ http://www.bury.com ] Bluetooth hands-free car kit has also been fitted. In addition, a rear fender Parktronic audio system has been installed.
The car has the 2.0, M111 engine, which is a 8-valve, inline 4 producing 116 hp and 127 ft. lbs of torque. A perfect engine for a leisurely, luxurious, open-top cruiser. The addition of the 5-speed manual transmission is a plus with this Mercedes, as its widely regarded to be the most reliable transmissions ever built by the company with some examples exceeding mileage of 300,000 without major issue.

On the Outside:
The ‘Color Blue Metallic (366U) ’ exterior of this car is well presented and straight, the car sits very handsomely on its wheels, which are in good condition. Starting from the front, the grille and ‘Tri-Star’ emblem sit pride of place on the face of this Mercedes, with no corrosion or fading or even a slat missing in the grille. The front headlights both work well, and the driver’s side lens does have a small stone chip which has let some condensation in. Otherwise, the front bumper has some very minor stone chips, which is to be expected with all second-hand vehicles, however it is not severe and could be solved with a small touch up pen. The bonnet and front wings look to be in good condition with the front wings having being repainted in the past. The windscreen is also good with no stone chips.

Moving round the sides of the car, the doors sit snug, which is something we’ve come to expect of Mercedes build quality over the years, the bottoms and edges of the doors look to be free of corrosion and the paperwork shows that the doors have been repaired, painted and protected in the past, so they should be good for years to come. The rear quarters are in good condition as are the rear arches, which show no sign of bubbling corrosion coming through the paint work. The sill jacking point covers are still present which is a plus point as they can let a car down when they go missing. The wheels have no lacquer peeling, curbing or damage of note and the matching tyres look like they have plenty of life left in them with regards to the quality of the rubber and the tread depth as they are only a few years old.
Finally getting to the rear of the car and those iconic rear lights of Mercedes capture your attention as they contrast against the blue. The boot lid is in good condition with only one small scuff which does not look to have gone further than the lacquer. There is a small mark on the passenger side of the rear bumper, a small scuff which could be drastically remedied with some cutting and polishing. The rest of the bumper is good however and finishes off the rear of the car nicely. There is also a very small section just underneath the keyhole at the back where there seems to be some minor scratch..
Lastly the hood of the Mercedes, the black accenting the original blue, is in great condition for an original 25- year-old item and has been waterproofed and coloured a couple of times during the owner’s time. Everything works as it should with the folding operation, and the folding structures are smooth and quiet – feel the engineering integrity. The fabric of the hood is in good condition as well, with only some small scuffs and no leaks. There is a heated glass rear window, and the fabric is not mould ridden or discoloured, a testament to Mercedes and the owners of this car for their care. Important point to note as well is the car comes with two key sets.

On the Inside
The interior of the Mercedes is a luxurious cream leather, which, considering how hard it must be to keep clean, has lasted very well indeed, and compliments the blue metallic exterior very well. The dash is in fine condition with no cracks, colour fading or dents of scratches. The dials light up as intended showing the correct mileage. There is no fault with the fuel gauge, which indicates fuel levels quite accurately. All vents, buttons and switches in the control panel work as intended too. The interior light is working as well as the seer belts “offering” upon entry, and electric mirrors work as intended. The special wood rimmed steering wheel looks to be in good condition with no damage, discolouration or fraying of the stitching. On the centre console, the original Becker head unit works [also with its remote control] as do the heater buttons and the wood veneer is in remarkably good condition. The ‘Sportline’ gear selector, which is another major touch point in the car has fared just as well as the rest of the front section of the interior, with no major damage or wear to speak of.

The plush beige carpets in the car show no signs of staining. The leather in the upholstery has fared very well indeed during the car’s life, another mark for the quality of Mercedes and the dedication of the owners. There is one section on the driver’s side bolster that has worn slightly. This could be taken to a local trimmer for repair and cleaning, or the cover could be replaced, depending on what the buyer chooses. We suspect though, with a thorough deep clean and a bit of leather feed, the upholstery could be brought back to near new standards as the foam in all the seats has retained its shape and firmness.
The rear of the cabin looks fantastic also with both rear seats looking as though they have not seen many passengers. The door upholstery all round is in great condition, with the plush ruffled padding adding to the luxury you come to expect from Mercedes products. The rear parcel shelf behind the rear seats is free of damage, discolouration and fraying. The underside of the roof is in remarkable condition and is not sagging aside from a slight torn. The boot is also in good condition, with the carpet not having any stains or discolouration, and revealing underneath the spare wheel well, with no water pooling or corrosion. There is also the original from jack and tools.
To summarise then, the interior of this Mercedes is very much in keeping with the ethos of Mercedes today, retaining that level of quality and luxury. Apart from the one small section on the driver’s seat bolster, and the slightly torn of the underside of the roof fabric, the interior is very good.

Looking underneath the Mercedes, the underside of the car is in good condition for 25 years on the road. There are some small patches of corrosion starting to show, however, this is mainly on the parts of the underside that has the most contact with the wet roads and in areas most vulnerable to stone chips. The corrosion, however, appears not structural. The exhaust system has a bit more corrosion throughout length of the pipes, but again it has not caused a hole in the system and considering this exhaust could be the original 25-year-old item, it has done extremely well sat underneath the car. The suspension on the face of it looks to be in great condition with the springs and dampers doing their intended purpose well as the car drives without issue.
In the engine bay, the condition of the components and structures look to be great. The chassis legs are straight and free from corrosion in the bay. The hoses and wiring looms in the bay are in good condition with no splitting or cracking or exposed wires. The rocker cover still retains the original factory waxing of its covering and remains in good working order. The bulkhead still has its heat protection and sound deadening and shows no signs of corrosion in the metalwork. Overall, in the engine bay, it is a very clean example of the M111 engine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercedes-Benz_M111_engine?wprov=sfti1 As honest and genuine as you would hope to find ✅

History Highlights. This Mercedes comes with a fantastically comprehensive history file, clearly showing it’s been cared for and maintained responsibly throughout the owner’s time with the car. Looking at the service book and the MoT history, the mileage would appear to be genuine and there are no significant gaps, showing that this car appears to have led a continuous, but gentle life.
Below is a brief overview of some of the main works:
Regularly maintained and stamped service book
New water pump, drive belt and coolant flush
This relatively unexciting and unexceptional list, alongside regular servicing, shows how these W124 Mercs just run and run when not abused

What We Think
The W124 is placed very well to become an appreciating future classic. The saloon may not be the most stunning Mercedes-Benz visually, but this cabriolet/convertible has a sense of restrained elegance missing from the ‘flashier’ designs of today. And a cracking colour combination too. Undoubtedly, the level of craftsmanship and design excellence that Mercedes poured into this chassis is something that will put it in good stead for years to come with regards to price and a loyal fanbase.
This convertible is a great example for someone to take on and add to, to give it more value and to tuck away as a second car or summer cruiser. Or seeing as the car has only done ✅ 176,500 Kilometres, by Mercedes standards, it’s barely touched even half the mileage that these cars would achieve trouble-free so should be well placed to give thousands of miles more of reliable motoring.

6 thoughts on “1995 Mercedes-Benz E200CA | W124.060W124.060

  1. christinechalloner

    Hi!! How much are you selling her for? I’m so happy to see you happy and having fun with cars. 🙂


  2. christinechalloner

    Hi !! How much are you selling her for? My Dad said it would probably be too much to get her here properly but I want to see.
    Happy to see you are doing well and having fun with cars 🙂


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